Do You Qualify?

We can offer coverage for wood and fiberglass hull of all ages. Navigation risks must be in good condition. If you are restoring your vessel, we can offer insurance ashore during the restoration period.

Please contact us if you are looking for insurance for an antique runabout or day sailer, canoe, skiff, or launch. We also insure wood hulled trawlers and cruisers.  Our program is broad enough to provide coverage for fiberglass runabouts, bassboats, cruisers, and sailboats of any age.

You do not have to own an antique vessel to enjoy Heritage Marine Insurance‚Äôs A+ protection and service.  We have programs for insuring Mega Yachts, High Performance Boats and Personal Watercraft.

We are unable to insure the following vessels:

  •       Homeports in the states of Alaska and Hawaii

  •       Bareboat Charters

  •       Ferro-cement hulls

We welcome the opportunity to find coverage for liveaboards, restorations, 6 Pak Charters, kits and homemade boats, seasonal Caribbean, Canadian and Alaskan navigation.